Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of goings on...

Since the last time I wrote our computer died and we got a new one so this is the first blog from our brand new Dell.  For once I could say the old advertising line of "Dude we're getting a dell."  Anyway a lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote. Paige has gotten her first ear infection but is on antibiotics and already improving.  She really is such a trooper that even in the midst of being sick she was cute.  Paige didn't want us taking her shirt off because it would hurt her ears and she fought us the whole time to keep it from going over her head but then everytime we would finally get it off she would look at us and say, "Teek a dooooo." ( translation: peek a boo)  Paige has also started doing this when we tuck her in at night and throw her covers over her face.  She will pull them back down and grin really big and proudly and proclaim teek a dooooo.  She has seemed to recently discover the cat again and really wants to interact with him.  The problem is that she thinks that if she meows at him he will like it because he answers me when I meow at him so she bends over near him and yells nnmmmmeeeooouuuuuwwwww.  He then runs away and she looks at me for answers.  Today she wanted to read her book to him and looks so sad as he runs down the hallway.
Paige has become a really big helper later with all kinds of things, one particular incident was soo helpful.  One morning I had finally gotten Claire back to sleep. Soon afterwards Paige woke up.  We were having so much fun reading books together and just spending Paige and Mom time.  I decided that it was time for Paige to get dressed for the day.  I told her I was going to get her clothes and to stay in the living room.  I head to Paige's room and as I am picking out her clothes I hear loud slapping of feet as they run across the living room and head down the hallway.  I then here the door to Claire's room slam open and a little voice say," HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"  Claire wakes up and starts to giggle with excitement at seeing her sister in her room as she woke up for the day!  Oh well so much for sleep for Claire. ;-)
Well that is all for now...I will post more when I get a bit more time to myself.
Have a Wonderful day!


  1. Now that was a sister bonding moment!! Love it!

  2. Hey Katie! Love the blog and am glad our little girls are getting over their ear infections:)