Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lots of goings on...

Since the last time I wrote our computer died and we got a new one so this is the first blog from our brand new Dell.  For once I could say the old advertising line of "Dude we're getting a dell."  Anyway a lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote. Paige has gotten her first ear infection but is on antibiotics and already improving.  She really is such a trooper that even in the midst of being sick she was cute.  Paige didn't want us taking her shirt off because it would hurt her ears and she fought us the whole time to keep it from going over her head but then everytime we would finally get it off she would look at us and say, "Teek a dooooo." ( translation: peek a boo)  Paige has also started doing this when we tuck her in at night and throw her covers over her face.  She will pull them back down and grin really big and proudly and proclaim teek a dooooo.  She has seemed to recently discover the cat again and really wants to interact with him.  The problem is that she thinks that if she meows at him he will like it because he answers me when I meow at him so she bends over near him and yells nnmmmmeeeooouuuuuwwwww.  He then runs away and she looks at me for answers.  Today she wanted to read her book to him and looks so sad as he runs down the hallway.
Paige has become a really big helper later with all kinds of things, one particular incident was soo helpful.  One morning I had finally gotten Claire back to sleep. Soon afterwards Paige woke up.  We were having so much fun reading books together and just spending Paige and Mom time.  I decided that it was time for Paige to get dressed for the day.  I told her I was going to get her clothes and to stay in the living room.  I head to Paige's room and as I am picking out her clothes I hear loud slapping of feet as they run across the living room and head down the hallway.  I then here the door to Claire's room slam open and a little voice say," HHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"  Claire wakes up and starts to giggle with excitement at seeing her sister in her room as she woke up for the day!  Oh well so much for sleep for Claire. ;-)
Well that is all for now...I will post more when I get a bit more time to myself.
Have a Wonderful day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

They must like me...

Yesterday I went back to the bedroom to get something.  There I found our lovely cat lounging on the bed.  He looked up and started purring and I couldn't resist, I had to pet him.  I could hear the girls playing well together with the plastic balls they got for Christmas so I knew that they were safe.  I decided that I would sit back in the back and pet the cat for a little while to see if they even realized that I was not around.  Sometimes when they are playing by themselves I often wonder if they even remember I am right there with them so it was experiment time.  About 2 minutes later I hear the splatting of hands on the floor in the den and the low moaning/calling voice of a Claire.  Next I hear the slapping of Paige's shoes run across the floor in the den and start down the hallway calling, "Booooo, ooooh boooom."  I was laying on the bed as they looked first in Claire's room and then they both look in Paige's room. I popped up on the bed and shouted for Paige and they both came running around the corner in giggles.  Paige came and jumped on the bed and Claire started crawling really fast so that her arms go flying up as high as her ears and she forgets to crawl in a straight line.  So I decided they must like me...  :-)
I also realized this week why Paige has been saying tickle when she sees the cat.  It finally dawned on me when she was watching me pet his tummy.  She thinks that I am tickling Mani.  I guess the only time I rub her belly is when I am tickling her or about to tickle her so naturally I must be tickling the cat.  Paige has recently figured out that the cat likes to play with his goose on a stick toy.  What she doesn't understand is that he wants her to drag the goose in front of him not try to give the stick to him like she gives toys to Claire.  She just plops the stick on top of him and when she moves she tries to give it to him again.  Paige and Mani play ring around the table ALL of the time.  I keep telling him that one day he will like the girls and he just looks at me like I am crazy! 
Today I have decided I need to stop cleaning the kitchen because lots of crazy things happen during that time.  Today the girls were playing really well and it looked as if Paige was bringing Claire toys come to find out Paige was picking up the old puffs off of the floor in the breakfast room and feeding them to Claire.  My BIG helper! ;-) 
Well that is all for now. Have a great Thursday!

Friday, January 7, 2011

More things I realize...

I have really been trying to pay close attention when listening to Paige lately to try and  praise her when she is saying words that I can understand and using words instead of stomping feet.  I have realized a few things...
She has started saying thank you for many things.  For instance she will tell you" Tank u bup" translation " Thank you for my Cup."  Super cute in my book but every now and then I get a bit confused because sometimes bup sounds very much like bub which is her word for Mom.  So when she is walking through the house calling for "bup..ooooohhh bup" I never know if she is calling for me or not until she wanders into the kitchen.
She has also started picking up on music.  I started singing a firetruck song with her new fire truck riding toy and now she will start the music, begin bouncing up and down, and singing her made up song.  When it stops she stops.  But the cutest song by far would be "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  This is Paige's version:
tiggul, tiggul, uuuu caaaaaar
tiggul, caaaaar
tiggul, tiggul, uuuuuu eyeeeeeee
then she skips to the end and says
tiggul, tiggul uuuu  aaaaarrrrrr

( the uuuuu stands for changing sounds from laaas to luuuus or even some noise I can't even begin to spell.)
Then last but not least the way she reads books says it all.  She has been listening everytime I read those books.  Paige sat down to read her "Brown Bear" book today and read with an amazing amount of accuracy.  You couldn't understand most words other than the animals but she would start every page with the same grouping of sounds and finish with see.  I was amazed!
With Paige making much success I would say we are not really helping Claire much in the way of speech.  Last night we started playing a screaming game.  I would look away from Claire and she would watch my face and start giggling.  I would then spin my head around and growl at her and she would erupt with laughter.  It seemed that if I spun fast enough and while she was already giggling in anticipation the laughter would be 5 times the amount.  Daniel, Claire and I played this game for a good 15 minutes.
I would have to say though that Claire excels in Math.  She at her tender age of 10 months has figured out the shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line( meaning that the fastest way to get to her parents from the playroom is to scale the breakfast room wall and get into the kitchen through the window).
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Always trying new things...

Well when starting this and still even now I am not sure how many entries will be made over time but there were some pretty funny things today that I feel need to be shared. It started this morning.  I have learned not to dress your children in clothes with appliques on them that may attract younger siblings.  This morning as I was reading to Paige, Claire came up and started to grab for something.  At first I thought she was just trying to take the book away or see the pictures so I tried to get her to play with the cookie jar toy instead.  Every time I would try to persuade her away from us and to a different activity she kept coming back.  I then realized that she had noticed the two fuzzy poodles on Paige's shirt and was trying to pet them.  Paige of course absolutely LOVED that one...  Finally after much persistence she finally got to pet the poodles. Paige fell out on the floor and Claire went on her way...she apparently just wanted to pet it once. 
Paige also decided today that instead of her awesome peanut butter and banana sandwich she wanted to eat my grapefruit.  I told her she wouldn't care for it and she kept insisting she wanted to try a bite.  Since she actually said "bite" I gave her one.  She wrinkled up her face and you could tell that she was trying to not pucker up her lips.  Paige swallowed the bite and looked at me for a second and then said "mmmmmm."  So she continued to insist she wanted to keep eating it so I gave her another bite and this time she said mmmm and then she got the most horrible look on her face and pulled the peice out of her mouth and she didn't insisti anymore!
As far as eating goes Claire is obsessed with eating anything but mostly paper.  Tonight while I was cleaning the kitchen Claire and Paige were actually playing very nicely in the playroom.  All of a sudden I look up and I don't see Claire so I walk into the playroom.  She is sitting in the far corner of the room chewing on a clean diaper she has stolen out of the basket.  So I take off quickly across the room to take it from her and she sees me and starts crawling away super fast toting her little diaper behind her.  I guess the peas she refused to eat at dinner were not as good as a Pampers...i don't think I will ever understand!

Well I suppose that is it for today. Maybe there will be some interesting things happening tom., with this bunch I am almost certain of it!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First time for everything!

So today began with more excitement for me than for the girls...the day of our very first "play date" ever!  Claire woke up oh so early as she usually does(especially on days when we really need more sleep)...followed closely by Paige.  Everyone was dressed, fed and looking cute when they got here.  Then right before they got here we had to have a change of everyone's diapers.  I guess they just wanted to make sure the house smelled wonderful when our guest arrived.
Aeris and her mom Jenn came.  Immediately the girls launched into the toys.  They took all of the kitchen toys out and then quickly moved to pulling out the manger scene peices. Finally about midway through our playdate both girls found their way into the respective mom's laps to be read to.  This was interesting in itself because they each had to wait to read the book until the one before had been read.  So now we are doing what we do everyday when people aren't over to play.  Over all they did end up playing together a little and both Jenn and I got some much needed grown-up talk in.  We parted ways and we will be doing this again at another time.  Maybe next time Paige will learn how to share her car instead of sitting in it and slamming the door quickly so Aeris wouldn't get in it too.  Claire also did well when playing with the "big" girls.  When they took something or came too close she would just sit back and bat her eyes rapidly and smile.  Now our playroom actually looks like some children live here with stuff strewn everywhere now I guess we will just have to teach Paige how to clean up!! :-)
Tonight is the first night of my class and I am really hoping all goes well.  I've always had a fear of winding up in the wrong classroom because they changed the number at the last minute.  ;-) Oh well, I guess this is it for now.  More to come soon!