Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First time for everything!

So today began with more excitement for me than for the girls...the day of our very first "play date" ever!  Claire woke up oh so early as she usually does(especially on days when we really need more sleep)...followed closely by Paige.  Everyone was dressed, fed and looking cute when they got here.  Then right before they got here we had to have a change of everyone's diapers.  I guess they just wanted to make sure the house smelled wonderful when our guest arrived.
Aeris and her mom Jenn came.  Immediately the girls launched into the toys.  They took all of the kitchen toys out and then quickly moved to pulling out the manger scene peices. Finally about midway through our playdate both girls found their way into the respective mom's laps to be read to.  This was interesting in itself because they each had to wait to read the book until the one before had been read.  So now we are doing what we do everyday when people aren't over to play.  Over all they did end up playing together a little and both Jenn and I got some much needed grown-up talk in.  We parted ways and we will be doing this again at another time.  Maybe next time Paige will learn how to share her car instead of sitting in it and slamming the door quickly so Aeris wouldn't get in it too.  Claire also did well when playing with the "big" girls.  When they took something or came too close she would just sit back and bat her eyes rapidly and smile.  Now our playroom actually looks like some children live here with stuff strewn everywhere now I guess we will just have to teach Paige how to clean up!! :-)
Tonight is the first night of my class and I am really hoping all goes well.  I've always had a fear of winding up in the wrong classroom because they changed the number at the last minute.  ;-) Oh well, I guess this is it for now.  More to come soon!


  1. Cute! Paige is probably worried about another person driving her car because this other kid is not covered on her insurance.