Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well so far this has been an interesting month.  We started out with an ice storm.  The bright greenish blue flashes that lit up the sky as the large branches broke under the pressure of the 3/4 inch of ice were beautiful.  We lost power at about 9:30 on Tuesday.  Poor Claire had been to the ER that morning because of a 105 fever but was feeling much better until we tried to put her to bed.  She fell fast asleep only to be woken up 2 hours later by the tree outside her window splitting and falling to the ground.  When we finally laid her back in her bed asleep and started sneaking out of the room the tree on the side of the house became overpowered and slid to the ground uprooted.  In the process rubbing along the side of the house. So of course that was the end of that nap.  Claire however was a very good sport and decided that it was time to play with her parents who were trying to get her back to sleep. ;-)  We took her to the doctor on the following Thursday and she must have just had a little virus.  Then we got to have a wonderful play date with Aeris and her mother Jenn.  Claire made herself right at home and started chewing on every toy that Aeris owned.  That night we got to stay on base and Paige got to sleep for the first time on her own.  We made a pad for her with a mattress from the sleeper sofa and a bunch of blankets.  She actually stayed put the whole night!! Very proud!
Also this month Claire has decided she is all grown up.  She has started walking as her main mode of transportation.  She still does the monkey walk when she starts going really fast and has her arms up in the air.  So cute!  Claire has also decided that she doesn't eat baby food anymore.  So yesterday she ate a ton of Creole vegetables.  Her shirt and hair and face all the way to her ears was COVERED in tomato sauce.  I Shouted the shirt immediately but Shout has met it's match. It will never be the right color every again. :-) All this started when her Granny came to stay after we kept telling her Granny that she never eats and never sleeps.  She just wanted to show off for company is what I decided. ;-)  She has also said her first word.  She started this week when she fell down and she looked at me and with a very breathy voice said, " uuuuuhhhhh, oooooooooo."  She repeated it again when she fell again.  Claire is def. saying it on purpose!!  She also is playing peek-a-boo.  She will hide her face and you will say," Where is Claire?"  Then she giggles and pulls her bunny away from her face and beams!  So proud of herself.
Paige has started streaming words together like, Tank u dad bup.  ( thank you for my cup dad)  We also ask her what a dad says and she says uzz oooo dad.  It is really cute.  She will also run away from you giggling and say tiggle sage, tiggle sage, tiggle sage( tickle paige).  We have also found out that when she wants to sing a song you HAVE to sing tinkle tinkle first or there is a major melt down.  This is usually always followed by tsy tsy( with hand motions for the itsy bitsy spider).  After that you can really pick any other song without incident.  That about does it so far for this month. We had fun when Granny came and we are looking forward to a visit from Gigi at the end of this month.  And to top all we are looking forward to a beautiful little girl turning 2!!!!  ;-)
I will write when I have time again...been pretty busy lately!
Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. So sorry - did not know our Claire was sick! I knew Paige had been - you have really had your hands full!