Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Always trying new things...

Well when starting this and still even now I am not sure how many entries will be made over time but there were some pretty funny things today that I feel need to be shared. It started this morning.  I have learned not to dress your children in clothes with appliques on them that may attract younger siblings.  This morning as I was reading to Paige, Claire came up and started to grab for something.  At first I thought she was just trying to take the book away or see the pictures so I tried to get her to play with the cookie jar toy instead.  Every time I would try to persuade her away from us and to a different activity she kept coming back.  I then realized that she had noticed the two fuzzy poodles on Paige's shirt and was trying to pet them.  Paige of course absolutely LOVED that one...  Finally after much persistence she finally got to pet the poodles. Paige fell out on the floor and Claire went on her way...she apparently just wanted to pet it once. 
Paige also decided today that instead of her awesome peanut butter and banana sandwich she wanted to eat my grapefruit.  I told her she wouldn't care for it and she kept insisting she wanted to try a bite.  Since she actually said "bite" I gave her one.  She wrinkled up her face and you could tell that she was trying to not pucker up her lips.  Paige swallowed the bite and looked at me for a second and then said "mmmmmm."  So she continued to insist she wanted to keep eating it so I gave her another bite and this time she said mmmm and then she got the most horrible look on her face and pulled the peice out of her mouth and she didn't insisti anymore!
As far as eating goes Claire is obsessed with eating anything but mostly paper.  Tonight while I was cleaning the kitchen Claire and Paige were actually playing very nicely in the playroom.  All of a sudden I look up and I don't see Claire so I walk into the playroom.  She is sitting in the far corner of the room chewing on a clean diaper she has stolen out of the basket.  So I take off quickly across the room to take it from her and she sees me and starts crawling away super fast toting her little diaper behind her.  I guess the peas she refused to eat at dinner were not as good as a Pampers...i don't think I will ever understand!

Well I suppose that is it for today. Maybe there will be some interesting things happening tom., with this bunch I am almost certain of it!
Have a great day!

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