Friday, January 7, 2011

More things I realize...

I have really been trying to pay close attention when listening to Paige lately to try and  praise her when she is saying words that I can understand and using words instead of stomping feet.  I have realized a few things...
She has started saying thank you for many things.  For instance she will tell you" Tank u bup" translation " Thank you for my Cup."  Super cute in my book but every now and then I get a bit confused because sometimes bup sounds very much like bub which is her word for Mom.  So when she is walking through the house calling for "bup..ooooohhh bup" I never know if she is calling for me or not until she wanders into the kitchen.
She has also started picking up on music.  I started singing a firetruck song with her new fire truck riding toy and now she will start the music, begin bouncing up and down, and singing her made up song.  When it stops she stops.  But the cutest song by far would be "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  This is Paige's version:
tiggul, tiggul, uuuu caaaaaar
tiggul, caaaaar
tiggul, tiggul, uuuuuu eyeeeeeee
then she skips to the end and says
tiggul, tiggul uuuu  aaaaarrrrrr

( the uuuuu stands for changing sounds from laaas to luuuus or even some noise I can't even begin to spell.)
Then last but not least the way she reads books says it all.  She has been listening everytime I read those books.  Paige sat down to read her "Brown Bear" book today and read with an amazing amount of accuracy.  You couldn't understand most words other than the animals but she would start every page with the same grouping of sounds and finish with see.  I was amazed!
With Paige making much success I would say we are not really helping Claire much in the way of speech.  Last night we started playing a screaming game.  I would look away from Claire and she would watch my face and start giggling.  I would then spin my head around and growl at her and she would erupt with laughter.  It seemed that if I spun fast enough and while she was already giggling in anticipation the laughter would be 5 times the amount.  Daniel, Claire and I played this game for a good 15 minutes.
I would have to say though that Claire excels in Math.  She at her tender age of 10 months has figured out the shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line( meaning that the fastest way to get to her parents from the playroom is to scale the breakfast room wall and get into the kitchen through the window).
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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