Thursday, January 13, 2011

They must like me...

Yesterday I went back to the bedroom to get something.  There I found our lovely cat lounging on the bed.  He looked up and started purring and I couldn't resist, I had to pet him.  I could hear the girls playing well together with the plastic balls they got for Christmas so I knew that they were safe.  I decided that I would sit back in the back and pet the cat for a little while to see if they even realized that I was not around.  Sometimes when they are playing by themselves I often wonder if they even remember I am right there with them so it was experiment time.  About 2 minutes later I hear the splatting of hands on the floor in the den and the low moaning/calling voice of a Claire.  Next I hear the slapping of Paige's shoes run across the floor in the den and start down the hallway calling, "Booooo, ooooh boooom."  I was laying on the bed as they looked first in Claire's room and then they both look in Paige's room. I popped up on the bed and shouted for Paige and they both came running around the corner in giggles.  Paige came and jumped on the bed and Claire started crawling really fast so that her arms go flying up as high as her ears and she forgets to crawl in a straight line.  So I decided they must like me...  :-)
I also realized this week why Paige has been saying tickle when she sees the cat.  It finally dawned on me when she was watching me pet his tummy.  She thinks that I am tickling Mani.  I guess the only time I rub her belly is when I am tickling her or about to tickle her so naturally I must be tickling the cat.  Paige has recently figured out that the cat likes to play with his goose on a stick toy.  What she doesn't understand is that he wants her to drag the goose in front of him not try to give the stick to him like she gives toys to Claire.  She just plops the stick on top of him and when she moves she tries to give it to him again.  Paige and Mani play ring around the table ALL of the time.  I keep telling him that one day he will like the girls and he just looks at me like I am crazy! 
Today I have decided I need to stop cleaning the kitchen because lots of crazy things happen during that time.  Today the girls were playing really well and it looked as if Paige was bringing Claire toys come to find out Paige was picking up the old puffs off of the floor in the breakfast room and feeding them to Claire.  My BIG helper! ;-) 
Well that is all for now. Have a great Thursday!

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