Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hello again!

Lately in our house we have had two little hooligans that we call Pete and Repeat.  Every little thing that Paige does Claire then has to imitate.  It is cute most of the time until Paige will spit and say, " no spitting."  By this time Claire has already started spitting.  For Claire spitting isn't just a pastime it requires a bath time.  She can soak almost anything in no time!  However with this new love each other Paige has been very affectionate with everyone...more so than usual.  I have gotten to have the pleasure of snuggling with her on the couch in the morning.  We sit and watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse  and she leans in and says, Suggle suggle wif mommy."
Yes she is finally saying my name the right way and likes it so sometimes she says it over and over and over again.  Another repeating phrase comes when I sneeze.  I know that my sneezes are really big but I am blessed 8 times by the time I finish.  First Paige says, Bless you mommy, bless you mommy, bless you mommy, bless you mommy," and then our little repeat steps in and begins.  In the end I am blessed 8 times.  It is really cute. 
Paige is also very helpful with Claire.  She loves her and kisses her without any prompting. She also has started handing Claire books and when she does she says, "here you go sweetie."  Paige is always making sure that Claire has something to play with.  Claire thinks that her sister is the most wonderful person in the world. 
One more little story...
Yesterday Paige drank down her milk really fast in the morning.  This caused her to get the hiccups.  Paige thought that the hiccups were so funny. She would get a smile on her face when she knew one was going to come and then she would say, "here it comes..."  She would hiccup and laugh and then start over again!  Pure hilarity! 

That is all for now! Have great week!

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