Sunday, July 10, 2011

I know it has been forever...

Between my class, our trip, and our two very helpful sweet girls we have been a little busy.  Today though I have to share our latest.  Our trip to the grocery store today reminded me of a story that Linda likes to tell about Daniel.  Paige and Daniel share some similar traits and apparently Linda and I both like to lie about dogs who follow children.  ;-)  For everyone who doesn't know...When Daniel was younger he had gone to a football game with his family and they were on their way back to the hotel room.  A dog started to follow them and Daniel was most upset about it but Linda reassured him that the dog would go home soon.  A little while later the dog was still following as they approached the hotel and Linda again reassured him the dog wouldn't come up the steps to the room.  When they got to the room and noticed the dog was STILL there Linda said it won't come into the room it is okay.  Sure enough the dog went into the hotel room much to Daniel's dismay.  Today we were outside the store on the sidewalk and a sight challenged man with his guide dog was coming up the street.  Paige was getting nervous but I told her we were going to walk into the store and they were going to keep on going.  Sure enough they turned into the store and followed us for a few seconds and then later we met back up in line.  So Paige must be thinking that I don't tell the truth! :-)
Two year olds are pretty literal but tonight Paige took it to a whole new level.  Daniel told her to hop into bed and she hopped 4-5 times on the ground and the jumped into the bed.  He laughed and said oh that works too I guess I did say hop into bed so that works.  Paige then says hop in bed okay and proceeds to jump up and down on the bed.  He calmed her down and she went to sleep but it was pretty cute. 
Claire always thinks that she is cute and she walks around the house with a plastic bucket on her head saying "hat" and "cute."  She has started testing her boundaries and has learned so well from her older sister. ;-) 
Well this was fairly short and sweet...I will try to write more often in the future.  Hope you have a great week!!

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