Friday, March 11, 2011

Claire is 1!!

Today is the Bear's birthday! She looks so cute walking and almost running around in a little tutu and her big spitty grin!  Both she and Paige came to pt with me this morning and were perfect angels.  There were quite a few older ladies who came by to wish Claire a Happy Birthday and have a fit over the two of them.  Claire is certainly growing so quickly.  Not getting much bigger but def becoming less of a baby! She has started really being interested in the older toys.  Paige doesn't seem to mind as long as it is not when she is wanting to play with them.  Then we have issues.  Claire loves to eat everything!!! I don't mean food either.  So as she is walking around the room the other night chewing on the play phone that goes with the kitchen set Paige came up to her and said with great flair, "Don't eat the sone (phone)."  It was so cute.  Later at dinner we tried to get her to say don't eat the phone eat the fish.  She finally said it and then she moved on and started to eat tomatoes and she said, "dont eat the phone eat the sasooos (tomatoes)."  Earlier in the day when we went to get the fish we were by the case in Dorothy Lane.  Paige looked over and saw the case in the seafood section and said, " EEEEEWWWWW. Fish." She said it so loudly.
One of the girls favorite game to play nowadays with their Dad is Broom.  Daniel will get the broom out to sweep the floor and they both take turns coming up to it as he is sweeping.  Then they squeal and they run away screaming or in Claire's case she just burst out with laughter and runs away.  They then go around through the kitchen and come up behind Daniel and the cycle begins again.  When I was little Robert, Megan, and I would play this game with the dreaded Sloppy Mop at the grocery store and Daniel informed me that he and Eric loved the Bubozer sauce ( garbage disposal in the sink).  It must be a normal thing but it is hilarious!
For Paige's birthday she got some really awesome gifts but one of the most creative ones was some food for the kitchen set.  What was so special about some food you ask? It was not real homemade food but felt.  Laura had made a hamburger complete with tomato and lettuce and cheese.  She also made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some eggs, and bacon and even a cookie.
Calibamagirls: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: "Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for my sweet niece on her 2nd Birthday! These were so fun to make. Felt food is all over the internet, ..."
So we have a 1 year old and a 2 year old! What are we going to do now?  Probably continue just the way we are for at least 6 months and then hopefully Paige will be figuring out how to follow the rules and Claire will just begin to really test her boundaries! :-)  Claire is already starting to talk so it won't be long now until we will get to here the "am not, are too" arguments!! Joys of raising kids! ;-)  That is all for now hope all are having a great week and have a wonderful weekend. 

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